OScommunity Magazin „blue“ gewinnt internationalen Pressepreis

And the winner is: Editorial Strategy (Winner) for Blue magazine by OsCommunity social network. Das Magazin erscheint monatlich und wird von Ausgabe zu Ausgabe immer besser. Wer sich einen Einblick verschaffen will: http://www.os-community.de/magazin. Wir freuen uns alle sehr! Aber last die Jury einfach für sich sprechen. Einem Teil kann ich besonders zustimmen: „No avenue was left to chance, according to the judges“. Jetzt weiss ich also warum man so viele Analysen macht, auf die man die Antwort eh schon kennt: Die Jury bewertet das positiv 😉

NEWSPAPER: Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung GmbH Co KG(Osnabruck, 168,000; about 442,000 regular readers –MA 1998)
Blue magazine is a regional, cross-media and user-generated youth magazine that emerged from content created by the OsCommunity, an online network that covers issues related to youth who are under 24. The lead stories link to relevant themes in the community and a banner on OsCommunity announces each issue, which contains ads that are available in print and online. Activities to promote the magazine include visiting open-air pools and lakes as well as guerilla-style marketing. Innovative, well executed and managed, the project reflected vitality, originality and success. No avenue was left to chance, according to the judges. It was well conceived, reflected pre-planning and clearly set out its aims and objectives. Its implementation and execution were innovative and the evaluation showed both anecdotal and statistical results. Both the approach and the enthusiasm for the project is clear in the submission which is concise and gives the judges a strong indication of the vitality of this project. Quelle: http://www.wan-press.org/nie/articles.php?id=2176